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Jesus said: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3-4)

I love how the Lord asks us to become like children. It reminds us of our very real need for Him. Jesus is asking us to rely completely on Him. His word. His life. His resurrection. His presence in our day-to-day through the Holy Spirit. He is asking us to trust Him a child trusts their parents. An uninhibited trust without stain from the outside world warping their ability to wholeheartedly come when they are in need. They come messy, without hesitation or shame. They come and they are taken care of. That is what God wants from His children.

He wants us to let go and let Him mold us, teach us with open hearts, even when it contradicts what the world has planted in our head.

He wants us to be childlike so we can truly receive what He has for us. The grace of a good Father wanting only what is good for His children.

God is so incredible. I am witnessing first-hand childlike, un-warped, wholehearted love for and seeking of Jesus. It is through my 5-year old son. My son is teaching me what it looks like to crave Him and declare His goodness to others (although his delivery maybe could use some gentleness, as you can imagine). The Lord has started his heart, He has opened his eyes...He has given him the world in color. And now, my son wants others to know that truth and the beauty of that truth like he does. Without shame or fear or questioning what someone may think if he follows Jesus. And he relies on Jesus exactly as He is commanding us a childlike, perfect way.

I had written a post (His Presence) where I told y'all about an email address we (we...haha...that's generous toward was my husband's idea) started for each of our kids where we can share special moments with them over their childhood, and over time they are going to have an inbox full of love, memories and hopefully cherished words...that we will hand them the password to one day. Well, I wrote my 5-year old an email yesterday. I believe it displays how beautiful it is when we approach the Lord childlike and LEAN IN to what He is doing in our lives:

Sweet boy!

Mommy here :) I just wanted to write you because you have something incredibly special happening in your heart and I want to document that it is REAL and I don't want you to forget the power of Jesus. Jesus opened my heart when I was older so I can remember clearly being woken up, when my heart truly started beating. You may not remember that because you are so young, so I want you to know how we see it, and we will always remember when He saved you.

You pray and seek and want learn about Jesus all the time. You inspire others with your passion toward God. Your teachers and the director of your preschool talk about how what you are saying, how much you crave the can only come from above. It is not just silly things you are saying, it's not to gain attention, it is not to please us because you know we love Jesus, too. This is coming from deep down in your heart. It is incredible to see!

Some of the things that have just made my heart burst as the Lord is stirring your heart toward Himself:


Maybe a month or so ago, you turned to me and said,

"Mommy, I love you SOOOO much....

...but I love Jesus more".


The other day, we were practicing riding your bike. You are can't quite get there yet, but you are trying hard! I don't doubt by Kindergarten time, you will be zooming to school with your big brother! So, the other day, I was helping you by holding the back of your seat and guiding you so you don't fall. We paused and I tended to your little sister for a moment, then came back to you to grab back on to that seat and you stopped me and said,

"Mommy, I don't need your help. I just finished praying and I've got Jesus with me."


Last one (for now): We pray for our hearts, our protection, our guidance from God every night. We thank Him for all the wonderful gifts He has given us through our family and His creation. It is super special, and I look forward to praying over and with you and your siblings every night. After our prayer one night last week, you asked,

"Mommy, how do I know if Jesus is talking to me?"

My sweet boy. How mature your soul is to seek the wisdom of the One who knows all that is good. Your heart is aching to know Jesus more and my prayer is that you are surrounded by believers who can point you to the Word, and help reveal to you WHO He is better so you know better how to discern what He may be leading you to. To be able to listen to Him, I believe you have to know His character, and He reveals it through His creation and His Word. You already know that you have to discern what your sin nature may lead you to versus what your perfect and wonderful Creator, your Father, wants for and from you.

I CANNOT wait to see what He does with your life. One day, I have a feeling you will be speaking wisdom into my and many other’s lives that need it desperately.

Know that even when I'm not right next to you, I am praying for you. Your heart and for God to use you for great things while you are here...and to always remember that you have a room in Heaven waiting for you that is greater than any moment here. Until then, I pray you live for His glory.

I love you!



Jesus is enough. He is actually more than we would ever think we need; His love is sufficient, fulfilling our deepest desires (Psalm 145:19: "He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them"). Spoiler alert - HE IS our deepest desire. By the grace of God, my son has discovered that. And we are called to keep that childlike faith - put our pride, need to feel control, things we think we want, things we think we know...our fear...our doubt...put it all aside because those are just lies keeping us from the peace Jesus offers us through faith - real faith - in Him.

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