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  • Kari G.


Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I've been sitting on this verse almost all week. I'm still in awe at it. I am still (and probably will be until I enter eternity) trying to wrap my head around the reality of this POWER.

  • There is power in the miracle of salvation: Jesus took this heart wanting nothing to do with Him, and lit a fire in it where He is my greatest treasure and hope.

  • There is power in the way knowing Jesus changes me every day; He is shaping me as I seek Him.

  • There is power in how I actually experience Jesus when I seek Him. He meets me right where I am.

  • There is power in how Jesus illuminates purpose and perspective: The only way I can describe it is I have a new lens where I see this whole world in color, and I realize now I was seeing in black and white before I knew Him.

  • There is power displayed when darkness or brokenness is overwhelming and, yet, knowing Jesus makes me want to dance with joy...regardless.

  • There is power in the way Jesus can use me to share His love and truth with others.

  • There is power in the cross. The cross is where Jesus took all of me that isn't enough - every failure, flaw and broken piece of me - and felt the eternal weight of my shortcomings, and all those He saved, so that I could feel freedom and life as I am clothed in His perfection.

  • There is power in His resurrection. He defeated that sin He took from me, He defeated death; the grave has nothing on the power of Jesus.

  • There is power in the promise of that same eternal life for all who believe. This Jesus: it's not just about talk. It's not just nice things to think about or to make us feel better sometimes. There is real Power in His name. Let it move you.

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