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12 young boys. Miles of cavernous hazards between them and safety. Monsoon season. Odds scarily stacked against them. When hope was running dim and tears were already flowing for what most thought were lost lives, God did what he does best: He rescued.

If you haven't been following the story. This was terrifying. I've given away the ending so no need to fret. But setting the stage, I'd say it was pretty bleak. 12 young boys and their coach had hiked a few miles into some caves in Thailand and got lost, then trapped with rushing water from monsoons outside (not a few puddles, but dangerous, strong currents of dark and murky water filling up these caverns). A Navy Seal went in during this mission as part of the rescue for these boys and died. I pray for his brave soul, and I also want you to see how intense this mission was in light of his tragic death. Navy Seals* are le-git. They are the real deal. They are the best of the best. And he didn't make it. How on earth are these little boys going to make it back to their parents, their homes, their precious little lives to still be lived? It seemed impossible.

Our God. He is incredible, merciful and so loving. He also delights in making the impossible POSSIBLE. With Him, through Him, all things are possible. He did it with Abraham (giving him a promised son through his barren wife at around 90 years old), he did it with the incarnation of His Son (a virgin carrying the Son of Man). And you know what else was impossible? My redemption. My righteousness. My worthiness of standing before God. And Jesus made that possible - He called my name, pulled me out of the grave and gave me life. I didn't deserve it. It wouldn't be possible with my efforts alone. He does it over and over again to show us His character and to show us to LEAN ON HIM. He is our answer. And Jesus, this rock we stand on, He was with these boys, with these troops and leaders; giving them the right urgency and wisdom to use their time and skills perfectly to rescue the fragile lives in that cave.

God's story doesn't end with the last pages of your Bible, it's lived out every single day. I encourage you to look around you and see where He is making Himself present and using His mighty power to change hearts and guide lives to Him. I encourage you to look at moments like this: where it seemed impossible, and the Lord stepped in with His steady, perfect hand to lead these lives to safety - because He is so good. I encourage you to see where His grace is evident in big moments like the rescue of these boys along with the small moments we live out daily.

The Lord is moving every day. I am so encouraged by this beautiful rescue story where, once again we see our loving God delight in saving us in an impossible situation.

*This Navy Seal was Thai...I know the intensity of the U.S. Navy Seal training and am assuming we aren't talking about a totally different caliber of soldier here.

p.s. let's also call this what it is: a small miracle...that I wrote and hit publish on this in a semi-timely manner. Praise Him for making my hands move quickly on these thoughts that hopefully bring Glory to His name.

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