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15 years. That’s almost half of my husband’s life. It’s a long time, but it doesn’t take away that this day always burdens our hearts. 15 years ago today, my husband’s dad - an absolutely incredible man from all I know of him - was taken from this earth suddenly. It wasn’t in God’s plan for me to meet him, for my kids to meet him, for him to be here today. And we don’t know why. His memory and stories of how my husband holds some of his best qualities warms my heart, but doesn’t take away the “why” and the heaviness in our hearts. We may never know. What I do know is that we are held in our sorrow; we have a Comforter bigger and more powerful than the pain we feel. He carries us in this broken world and will make all things right again - in His perfect timing. I believe that. One year ago today, in a simple moment on the anniversary of his passing, my husband and I were reminded of how precious that real closeness to our Creator is. How perfect His love is for us, and how we are comforted in a beyond-this-world way when we feel His presence. My prayer is by sharing (again for some) this post from last year, it honors my husband’s father’s memory and glorifies our gracious King:

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